Flowers Forever Shop® has developed a very unique way of preserving your flowers FOREVER. Never think it is too late to have your flowers preserved.
After devoting years to study, we have developed the best way of preserving flowers. No longer will you feel like your money is being thrown away watching your flowers deteriorate with time.
Don't be mislead by other offers. Flowers Forever Shop® is the only company offering this unique preservation method.

Here's how it works . . .
Upon receiving your flowers, they are immediately handled with TLC. Depending on the type of flowers, they are chemically treated and placed into their first step of preservation. Watching them very closely, they are then placed into your selected keepsake. Our keepsakes are made up of solid acrylic. Therefore keeping your flowers FOREVER from harms way.
Here is an example of what we can do.
This Dandelion has been captured in its most delicate stage, the seed stage. The seeds float in the slightest breeze by means of tiny, feathery parachutes.
Give us a call today and we would be glad to explain this process in more detail and assure you that our method is superior to any others. Your memories preserved forever is just a phone call away.